Axe Throwing Leagues

Sanctioned League Dates

How Leagues Work


2022 WATL Season Schedule

Winter League: January 2nd – February 27th

Spring League: March 20th – May 15th

Summer League: June 4th – July 31st

Fall League: August 20th – October 16th

Want to start your own league? 

Just need a minimum of 6 people.


To have sanctioned WATL leagues we need a minimum of ten people for a team. Leagues run for eight weeks. 

Seven weeks will be for points and the last week will be reserved for double elimination playoff. Axe throwing leagues will all be point based; you are not necessarily competing against the people on your team. Your goal is to get the most points over the course of the seven weeks. Sanctioned and non-sanctioned leagues will be hosted at The AXperience. For complete league rules please visit the World Axe Throwing League.


League Pricing

IUP Student League

Student ID Required



Eight Week Leagues


Practice for League Members Outside of League Play